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Much of what

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The Game Changers took millions of dollars, celebrities, and seven years. A Netflix series takes dozens of employees and a billion-dollar studio. We’re just two guys with a couple hundred thousand bucks we scraped together on Indiegogo.


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This is the docuseries the world needs to finally make sense of what to eat. We don’t need more diet wars. We just need the simple truth about food. Food Lies will be the real game changer. We handmade almost every shot of this intro to show you how much effort and care we're putting into this docuseries.


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There's a long history of nutrition that will surprise you!

Misconceptions of our ancestors  |  Scientists paid off for false studies  |  New science that's changing everything

Distant Past

We've learned a lot about how humans were meant to eat and learned a lot from our ancestors.

Past 50 Years

There's been some bad science and misinformation over the past 50 years that has caused a lot of harm.

The Present

New science is confirming some new & interesting things. The results are incredible!

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Here's some interesting things based on new science

Fat doesn't make you fat

Carbs, grains, and fruit are basically equal to sugar

Well-sourced red meat isn't bad for you

Keeping your sugar levels in check is key to health

Salt isn't bad for you

Most of weight loss comes from diet, not exercise


Dr. Cate Shanahan

Dr. Ben Bikman

Dr. Tim Noakes

Dr. Dom D'Agostino

Dr. Ted Naiman

Dr. Briana Pobiner

Dr. Shawn Baker

Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Dr. Bill Schindler

Dr. Bret Scher

Dr. Jaime Seeman

Dr. Eric Westman

Dr. Gary Fettke


Mark Sisson

Gary Taubes

Nina Teicholz

Joel Salatin

Peter Ballerstedt

Tara Couture

Ivor Cummins

Sally Fallon Morell

Dave Feldman

Denise Minger

Mary Ruddick

Zach Bitter

Mikhaila Peterson

Belinda Fettke


2 million years of evolution can't be wrong

Lions evolved to be a carnivores, they didn't choose to be. Their entire biology is based on this. If you tried to feed a lion a vegetarian diet it would die. Humans evolved to be omnivores. Animal protein is a key part of our survival and it's believed to be how our brains doubled in size and led us to become what we are today. 


Many people believe our ancestors lived a short and miserable life without proper nutrition. Some question why we should model our diet after them.


We now know they had the ideal diet and lived a long time. They subsisted mainly on meat while being free of all modern cardiovascular and chronic diseases.

Articles & Studies

The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race (Agriculture and the farming of high-carbohydrate crops)

Sorry Vegans: Here's How Meat-Eating Made us Human

Why Caveman Didn't Die Young

Our ancestors had long and healthy lives

Longevity Among Hunter- Gatherers: A Cross-Cultural Examination

"The low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet… may well have played an unintended role in the current epidemics of obesity, lipid abnormalities, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndromes. This diet can no longer be defended by appeal to the authority of prestigious medical organizations."

Evolutionary Health Promotion: A Consideration of Common Counterarguments

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Bad science and misinformation

There are many cases of bad science and faulty studies starting in the 60s. The sugar industry paid off scientists to blame things like heart disease and weight gain on fat, when in reality it was carbohydrates and sugar. There's also been many other cases of bad science that has led to the harmful Food Pyramid and poor nutrition advice at the highest levels of the US government. 


The Food Pyramid promoted by the US government has been insanely harmful to the health of the country. It is based on bad science.


Americans have become FAT and SICK on this diet. It has led to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Something needs to change soon.

Articles & Studies

Sugar industry bought off scientists, skewed dietary guidelines for decades

The Fear of Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

It's Time to End the War on Salt

How We started Eating Processed Foods

Opposition to the Dietary Guidelines

5 Studies on Saturated Fat — Time to Retire the Myth? 


A Quick Analogy

(We hate factory farming and cruelty to animals as much as you do)

Grain-fed Cow

Cows aren't meant to eat grain. They are forced to so that they can get FAT and EAT CHEAPLY. The result is a malnourished and sickly animal.

Grass-fed Cow

When cows eat grass like they were meant to, they are HAPPY and HEALTHY. Humans also survive best eating what we were meant to eat - healthy and happy animals.

The same goes for humans! We won't die if we live on grains, it's just not what we were meant to eat. It causes us to be FAT and UNHEALTHY.


The new & best science on nutrition

We finally are uncovering the mistakes of the past and understanding the proper human diet. Fad diets can be a thing of the past - we now know the simple way to eat optimally. Let's call this the Sapien Diet. If you learn some simple science and diet practices you can live a happy and healthy life.


Meat and fat have been maligned. Bad studies have led us to believe that these healthy components of a diet are doing us harm, when it is in fact the opposite.


The ideal human diet (or Sapien Diet) consists of whole foods without carbs and sugar. Vegetables, well-sourced meat, eggs, nuts, and some fruit.

Articles & Studies

What if it's All Been a Big Fat Lie?

The famous NY Times article by Gary Taubes exposing the misinformation from the American medical establishment causing death & disease.

The Diet-Heart Myth: Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Are Not the Enemy

Primal Diet - How to eat and live optimally

What to Eat

Low carb diet w/ unlimited meat & eggs beats low fat diet. Subjects lost nearly twice as much weight, decreased bad serum triglycerides by 2.7 times, and raised good HDL 3.4 times compared to low fat diet.

The ideal diet, how we get fat, and so much more. Everything you need to know in 1 video.

5 Studies on Saturated Fat — Time to Retire the Myth?

Why Fat Is the Preferred Fuel for Human Metabolism

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PEAK HUMAN is an ad-free audio series with leading experts on nutrition. Confused with all the conflicting dietary advice? Get all the science and information to clear things up in one place.

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